Each year, Awareness Sunday acts as a call to people of all faiths and worldviews to make a new commitment to fostering peace in our communities through education and building bridges with our neighbours. All are invited to mark Awareness Sunday according to their own traditions and beliefs.

AWARENESS Sunday 2014

Awareness Sunday was marked in London and around the world on Sunday 14 September 2014.

Awareness Sunday in 2014

This year, Awareness Sunday was celebrated in services around the world in:

  • The United Kingdom: including Basildon, Letchworth, Chester, Rugby and London [St. Marylebone Parish Church NW1; St. George's Bloomsbury WC1A; Holy Cross NW1; St Paul's Knightsbridge SW1X; London Community Church NW3; St. Nicholas Deptford SE8];
  • Europe [St. Gallen, Switzerland]
  • North America (United States and Canada)
  • The Middle East (Syria [National Evangelical Church, Lattakia], Jordan [Amman], Lebanon [National Evangelical Church and the Presbyterian Church, Beirut] and Palestine [Nablus]), 
  • Africa (Zambia and Zimbabwe) and 
  • Asia (Mongolia, Kowloon [All Saints Cathedral, West Kowloon] and Hong Kong).

The Revd Nadim Nassar preached at the Awareness Sunday service at St. George's Bloomsbury on Sunday 14th September; Huda Nassar read the Lesson. We should like to thank The Revd David Peebles, his team, and the congregation of St. George's for hosting us on Awareness Sunday (please see photos, below).

'Awareness Sunday should be a day to stop and think where we came from, where we are now and where we want to go as people created in the image of God. Enough is enough. Let us (Christians) be what God wants us to be now'

The Rt Revd Louis Muvunyi
Bishop of the Anglican Church in Rwanda, Kigali Diocese


'...I hope that (Awareness Sunday) will highlight the increasingly public role of Christian faith that teaches how to reflect the meekness that Jesus demonstrated....'

Guglielmo Borghetti
Bishop of Pitigliano-Sovana-Orbetello


'...Awareness Sunday is a tangible expression of our shared humanity. It is a declaration of hope for the future and has my utmost support....'

Alan Scotland
Director, Global Horizons


'...Awareness Sunday reminds us of our common humanity and spiritual relationship with all men and women regardless of their race or religion....'

Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain


'...the Awareness Sunday initiative promoted by the Awareness Foundation offers the solid ground to find space once again for the communion of Christians and all other believers, uniting their different minds, hearts and voices in one single prayer...'

Father Dr Patrizio Carolini
Roman Catholic Diocese of Massa Carrara, Italy


'...Awareness Sunday brings us together to understand each other and work to heal wounds so that the practical aims of religion as a method of healing, peace and love are actualised...'

Sayed Ali Abbas Razawi
Islamic Scholar and Teacher


'The future stability of the world depends upon good relationships between the faith communities both locally and internationally. In raising awareness of this I pray that religious leaders will sense all the more our responsibility to build paths of peace to one another.'

The Rt Revd James Jones
Bishop of Liverpool


'...People use religion to perpetrate evil. Awareness Sunday is an initiative that seeks to turn this evil into good and to let religion play its proper part in our contemporary world...'

Lord Griffiths of Pembrey and Burry Port
Warden, Wesley's Chapel


'Awareness acknowledging, through education, the urgent need to dispel ignorance and to help each one of us to build a path to peace in our diverse, ever-changing world.'

The Rt Revd & Rt Hon Lord Williams of Oystermouth


'From time to time history presents us with a moment in which to reflect and renew our commitment to peace in our world. Awareness Sunday is such a moment.'

Joel Edwards
International Director, Micah Challenge

Edwards Joel

'...Through initiatives such as Awareness Sunday, and many others across the world, we can slowly, with a generosity of spirit and mutual respect for our differences, create a path toward peace...'

The Rt Revd Declan Lang
Bishop of Clifton and Chair, Department of International Affairs in the Catholic Bishops' Conference


'Awareness Sunday echoes a Chinese saying, “Qiu Tong Cun Yi”: “One needs to tolerate differences while seeking the common good”'

The Most Revd Dr Paul Kwong
Archbishop of Hong Kong


'...We meet in Awareness Sunday to make always a new start, rejecting hatred and violence and welcoming healing and reconciliation...'

Sheikh Wissam Tarhini
UK Representative of the Higher Islamic Shiite Council (Lebanon)


'This is a wonderful initiative. We need to make each other more aware of our God-given humanity. We need to celebrate our rainbow diversity. That is how God will help us to build a world of peace and justice. I support the initiative of Awareness Sunday.'

The Most Revd Dr Desmond Tutu Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town


'... I welcome Awareness Sunday as it seeks to reach out and build better relationships based on mutual respect and understanding.'

The Most Revd & Rt Hon Dr John Sentamu Archbishop of York


The Awareness Sunday Prayer

Heavenly Father, we come to You today with a focus on our divided world. We want to take seriously the charge given to us as ambassadors for Christ, with a ministry of reconciliation. We see around us a world full of conflict, whether we consider this internationally, nationally, or locally; and we also see this often related to a lack of mutual understanding which results in the fear of "otherness". We ask You, Lord to show us how we can overcome our own fears and prejudices; and how we can become peacemakers. In Jesus' Name, Amen!

Get Involved!

We invite everyone, whatever their faith/worldview, to join us and make a commitment to change attitudes and build relationships in your own community, based on respect and understanding. Click below to explore the many ways in which you could express your commitment to Awareness Sunday!

Awareness Course

The Awareness Course is an adult education programme that equips people for life in a diverse world, examining issues that affect every one of us, such as fundamentalism, the impact of globalisation around the world, and secularism. Click below to explore the Awareness Course!


Speak Out!

This is a half-day workshop designed to help you understand why we need to be able to speak about our faith to others, especially in today's increasingly fragmented world, and to guide you in how to speak out whilst retaining respect for people of other faiths, or none.