Each year, Awareness Sunday acts as a call to people of all faiths and worldviews to make a new commitment to fostering peace in our communities through education and building bridges with our neighbours. All are invited to mark Awareness Sunday according to their own traditions and beliefs.

AWARENESS Sunday 2014

Awareness Sunday will be marked in London and around the world on Sunday 14 September 2014.

Awareness Sunday

Events include:

  • The Revd Nadim Nassar will preaching at an Awareness Sunday service at St.George's Church, Bloomsbury, in Central London
  • Awareness Sunday services around the UK, including Basildon, Letchworth, Chester, Rugby and London
  • Awareness Sunday will also be marked in North America, the Middle East (Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine), Africa (Zambia and Zimbabwe) and Asia (Mongolia and Hong Kong)

The Awareness Sunday Prayer

Heavenly Father, we come to You today with a focus on our divided world. We want to take seriously the charge given to us as ambassadors for Christ, with a ministry of reconciliation. We see around us a world full of conflict, whether we consider this internationally, nationally, or locally; and we also see this often related to a lack of mutual understanding which results in the fear of "otherness". We ask You, Lord to show us how we can overcome our own fears and prejudices; and how we can become peacemakers. In Jesus' Name, Amen!

Get Involved!

We invite everyone, whatever their faith/worldview, to join us and make a commitment to change attitudes and build relationships in your own community, based on respect and understanding. Click below to explore the many ways in which you could express your commitment to Awareness Sunday!

Awareness Course

The Awareness Course is an adult education programme that equips people for life in a diverse world, examining issues that affect every one of us, such as fundamentalism, the impact of globalisation around the world, and secularism. Click below to explore the Awareness Course!


Speak Out!

This is a half-day workshop designed to help you understand why we need to be able to speak about our faith to others, especially in today's increasingly fragmented world, and to guide you in how to speak out whilst retaining respect for people of other faiths, or none.